Three – layers panels

Solid wood panels from 3 layers

Three-layer glued panels are solid panels, made of three diagonally glued layers.

The wood layers are always of the same tree species.

For the outer layers, the wood of better quality is used and it is glued only transversally. For the inner (the middle) layer a longitudinally and transversally glued wood is used. Inconsistencies in quality and color of the inner layer must be avoided.
A three-layer panel has some advantages over the transversally glued panel:

– a better quality of the outer layers,

– a three-layer panel has a more solid construction,

– Stretching and contracting of a panel is minimal due to diagonal gluing.

Length:       810 – 3000 mm
Width:        1250 mm
Thickness:               20 in 26 mm

Humidity:                 8 – 10 %

Sanding:                granulation 80 – 120

Trees that are in our product-sales program:

Beech Natur

Oak – Rustic

Walnut – US


Beech – Kern





Walnut – European